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Chiropractic Adjustments in Orange Park, FL

Take advantage of the services at Precision Natural Medical to start living a more pain-free life. We take your health very seriously, and we know through peer-reviewed medical research that not everyone who experiences back or neck pain needs to have surgery. Instead of taking medications that only mask your pain temporarily or relying on pricey and risky surgeries as your only option, turn to our professionals for chiropractic adjustments in Orange Park, Florida. We can assess and diagnose your pain, and let you know if you will benefit from our services.

We start the process with a free consultation and evaluation. Here, you can get a clearer picture of the causes of your pain, as well as the appropriate methods of treatment of getting rid of your pain. Depending on your diagnosis, our chiropractor, Dr. David Otto may suggest a gentle instrument neck or back adjustments using the FDA approved gentle Impulse IQ® adjusting instrument with smart chip technology, cold therapy, one of our technology-enabled solutions, or a combination of different treatments. Our personalized approach allows you to get the chiropractic solutions that work most effectively for your particular pain.

How Adjustments Can Help Reduce Many Symptoms


Do you ever wonder exactly where your pain is coming from? Even if you massage the spot that hurts, many times that won't give you any relief, or minor temporary relief at best.

That's because it may be coming from your back. Your spine is part of your central nervous system, which means the nerves connected to your head, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs, can all be traced to your back.

When patients come to us with unexplained painful symptoms, we give them postural screenings to look at the way their spine curves or doesn't curve, or worse - occurs in the opposite direction. It's also extremely important to evaluate how they stand and walk. Some symptoms can be alleviated with a simple combination of back adjustments and correct posture. Our professionals let you know the specifics of your pain and the quickest and safest ways to fix the pain. Although legally we are not able to use the word cure, many of our patients have stated we've cured them of their pain and problems.

Providing a Wide Range of Chiropractic Care (Medically Known as Adjustments)

No matter what your painful symptoms may be, count on our chiropractors to help you relieve them. Our facility focuses on gentle Impulse IQ® instrument chiropractic adjustments and unique chiropractic bio physics spinal correction equipment to give you the effective results you deserve. Spinal misalignments, curves, shifts in your spine, and especially scoliosis; need professional technical equipment in order to correct these conditions. We have all of this equipment in our Orange Park, Clay County Florida location. This authoritative work requires knowledgeable, and experienced staff that is ready to help you start living a more pain-free life. And as a bonus, the professional chiropractic staff is extremely friendly and down to earth as well. Our personalized plans reduce and help eliminate the following symptoms:

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