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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Chiropractor in Orange Park, FL

If you've been experiencing neck pain, give the professionals at Precision Natural Medicine a call today. When you take advantage of our services, we start with a thorough assessment of your medical history, symptoms, posture, three-dimensional foot scan, hospital quality digital x-rays, and other important information. Many times, your pain in your neck can come from the subluxations (minor misalignments/dislocations in the spine), and can be complicated by inflamed muscles. Our neck pain chiropractor in Orange Park, Florida, is highly trained to find the cause of your pain and uses a variety of techniques that are research proven to help ease, and in many cases eliminate it completely.


Helpful, Experienced Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Do what's needed for your body and your overall well-being by visiting our office. Many patients go to our chiropractor for neck pain resulting from an auto accident or other type of injury, while others don't know why they have pain at all. With more than 18 years of experience, we have the knowledge of diagnosing the source of your symptoms and utilizing effective and researched care protocols to fix them. treatments. We strive to take our service above and beyond your expectations, aiming to emulate the care that we would want for ourselves. Our neck pain doctor sits down with you, knee to knee, and helps you truly understand what caused your symptoms as well as the ways you can improve your posture and your condition more quickly.

Neck Pain? We'll Help Resolve the Pain

Reduce your reliance on medications by seeking a more natural way to decrease or eliminate your pain. We do NOT take you off meds, rather work with your Medical Doctor to lower or cease your Medications. This only occurs after a tailor-made nutritional program designed to return your body to homeostasis via blood-work. Our focus is to go beyond temporary relief. We use techniques that help treat the source. We are dedicated to effective natural solutions designed to fix the pain you're experiencing.


Free Consultation on Our Neck Pain Services

Call our professionals to get a free consultation and evaluation. We want you to be like all our other patients who get the help they need, so we have removed the barriers that might typically stop people from using our services. With our free initial consultation and evaluation, our neck pain chiropractor can help you understand the cause of your neck pain and the most effective solution to fix the problem. Our services are also covered by many major insurance plans, making relief more affordable and available than you may have thought.

Contact us today to learn more about our neck pain management services. We proudly serve patients in and around Orange Park, Fleming Island, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Keystone Heights, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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