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Meet the Chiropractor

Dr. David Otto

Doctor of Chiropractic

Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training

Most important aspect of my professional life as a doctor is witnessing transformational health in my patients. As they look at their x-rays, before and after; seeing them grin ear to ear in amazement of how the cause of their pain has been corrected is the absolute best part of my mission. Most people experience pain relief very quickly, however, for me, knowing that someone’s life completely and positively altered so that the horrible pain is likely never to return is so rewarding.

It is this fantastic joy that is always driven me to excel in learning and researching so that every patient may experience these life altering changes my expertise in the field of natural healthcare extensive. If you’re extremely analytical and detailed like myself you’ll want to look at my Curriculum Vitae, but for now let me briefly list the highlights.

I’ve been a board Certified Chiropractor since for 16 years. Our Precision Natural Medicine practice restores visceral health (thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, liver, kidneys, etc.) via nutrition and is rooted in my knowledge as a board certified nutrition physician by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.

I have attended/graduated* the following schools:

Functional Medicine University*: Certified Functional Medicine Physician (Focus: Thyroid)

Miller School of Medicine: Post Doctorate Nutrition Classes (Distance Learning)

Palmer College of Chiropractic*: Doctor of Chiropractic

University of Kansas*: Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee: Human Biology Major

Milwaukee School of Engineering: Physics II

Chaminade College Preparatory*: High School

Nothing in this world is more important than education - at least that is where I believe. Therefore my Curriculum Vitae documents 1,000's of postdoctoral education hours covering the gamut of almost every health issue. You?re welcome to skim the 45+ page document just to get a feel of the knowledge I have to help you. (Click blue link above)

Here are some of Dr. Otto's Clinical tools: Doctor of Chiropractic Physician, Advanced Activator Certified, Fellowship in Chiropractic BioPhysics, Certified Chiropractic Wellness Physician Dr. Chestnut;s program, Webster Breach turning Technique, Impulse IQ, Palmer Graduate, DNFT

In the spirit of giving, loving, and serving; not only is it critical to give back to our communities and humanity, but I got admit it to you that it just feels so darn good to help other people. The first few pages of the CV will give you an idea of the schools, charities, community programs that has been incredibly well rewarding for me to serve.

Our Values at our Clinic

Every Office should have a mission statement that expresses there purpose, passion, and intentions.

Our mission statement is:
"To Educate and adjust as many families as possible towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care and to tell others."

Although we are not a religious institution, our office is governed by Christian principles and we strive to express our christian values through our service, our love of other human beings, and christian music. We enjoy helping all patients we feel are lead to our office. We also identify with hard working folks who engage in physical work and understand the need to maintain God's greatest creation - you. I am very detailed in my analysis and care, so I enjoy patients that trust in my passion to help them as if they were one of my own family members by following doctor's orders to maximize health benefits. We enjoy taking care of entire families. I will be completely honest with you, after 15+ years of helping someone heal, while their entire families health went down the drain, really had a negative effect on me. The truth is I know that I could help many of their family members get better without drugs or surgery, yet I was never given the chance to do so. I can tell you that helplessness is one of the most frustrating aspects of being a care giver/healer. Watching someone get worse when the answer to their problems is right in front of you is heartbreaking. I promise not to quit on you nor your family members.

Would you be willing to give me the chance to help you?

If so, Call Precision Natural Medicine today 272-OTTO (6886 or 0880)

Thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to learn about chiropractic, our practice, my family and me. I would like to invite you into my clinic for a free tour of our facility and for a complimentary consultation to see if what we do could help you.

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