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Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Chiropractor in Orange Park, FL

Count on the professionals at Precision Natural Medicine to help you heal after a traffic collision. Dr. David Otto, DC has extensive training the in Spine Research Institue of San Diego Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology post Doctoral Program, participating in the research of live Human Subject Crash testing. Dr. Otto also has a post-doctoral fellowship in Chiropractic Bio-Physics. CBP is the study of poor postures compared to near normal spinal models and the techniques to gently correct your posture by restoring the natural curves of your neck and back. Whether you still suffer from an accident that happened years ago or you are seeking therapy from a crash that happened last week, our team knows how to diagnose and effectively ease your pain. With a free consultation and evaluation, you have nothing to lose by visiting our auto accident chiropractor in Orange Park, Florida. We also work closely with local attorneys, so if your accident leads to court situations, we will be here for you every step of the way. Keep in mind that Dr. Otto's thorough auto accident injury education includes being an "expert court witness*"
*For brain injury and spinal whiplash traumatology. [Denotes nomenclature used by the court system, not the Doctor].

When you are involved in a car accident, you may not notice the extent of your pain until hours or even days afterwards. Just as a car frame gets bent and twisted in an accident, so too does your body and spine. We utilize the chiropractic biophysics research proven correction strategy in our office to "un-bend" you and your spine. Our goal is to get you the right care in order to end your pain fast.

Countless times I have heard patients say, "The Auto Accident wasn't that bad. I only got hit at like 10 miles per hour." They think they are fine> Conversley, having real life, real time experience with auto accidents (Spine Research Institute of San Diego); the following CRASH video is what I see when you tell me the accident "wasn't THAT bad" . . . . .

Trained & Focused on Spinal Correction After Accident


Getting into an accident can have immediate effects, but can also leave you with pain for years - especially if you don't take care of the problem right away. So whether your collision was last week, last year, or any other time, visit us so we can start on a customized solution for you.

With more than 18 years of experience, we know how to blend gentle instrument adjustment techniques and sophisticated technology to diagnose and ease your pain. Auto accidents can result in discomfort ranging from back pain, to headaches and migraines. When you come to our clinic, we find and help fix the source of your pain.

"My patients tell me that I am one of the best doctors they have seen. Not just because of good results, but because of how much I care. It pains me to see someone suffering, and I feel good when I can help people get well."
~ Dr. Otto ~

Providing Effective Whiplash Treatment

In many instances, the shock from a car accident allows you to go hours or days without feeling any pain. However, whiplash is a serious and common condition that can affect your overall health if you don't take care of it right away. When you travel at high speeds and have to stop suddenly, that quick stop makes your head snap forward, damaging the muscles in your neck and back. Our whiplash treatment works by gently realigning the vertebrae in your neck so the surrounding muscle tissue and nerves can heal. Visit our professionals immediately if you have been in an auto accident and expect you have whiplash. Most people don't realize that a car accident at just 5 miles an hour can cause a whiplash of the spine twice in less than a second. Symptoms range from person to person, but can include the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Stiffness in the Neck or Back
  • Headaches
  • Arm, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
  • Blurred Vision
  • Lower Back Pain

Contact us today to learn more about our auto accident services. We proudly serve patients in and around Orange Park, Fleming Island, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Keystone Heights, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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