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Our Functional Medicine Programs


Dr. David J. Otto; B.S., D.C., C.C.W.P., C.B.P. Fellow, C.F.M.P.*, D.A.C.B.N.
1339 Blanding Blvd. Suites: 5 & 6
Orange Park, Florida 32065
Clinic: (904) 272-OTTO

Board Certified Chiropractor, Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine
Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner, International Chiropractic Association
Fellowship, Advanced Certification Chiropractic Bio-Physics, International Chiropractic Association
Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, American Clinical Board of Nutrition
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner *, Functional Medicine University


What you can Expect from us: An extensive, detailed Medical Investigation


Our primary goal is to help you get well, not merely free you from the symptoms that brought you to us. We also understand that outlining what you can expect will decrease some of the initial apprehension and get you on the road to improved health much faster. Therefore, it is critical to carefully read and watch all the information that was sent to you.

  1. ALL recent past Medical History is important for Dr. Otto to review in order to get a better understanding of your entire current state of health. You can bring it in with you, however it would be better if Dr. Otto had your records to review prior to your arrival for your initial consultation. To do so, please see below . . .Medical Records
    Medical records can only be released with your authorization. A medical records release form is enclosed for your use AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF MEDICAL RECORDS. You are responsible for obtaining previous medical records from other physicians or health care providers. Please contact your physician or other health care provider to obtain these records. Your records should be mailed to:
    Dr. David J. Otto, D.C. 1339 Blanding Blvd. Suites: 5 & 6 Orange Park, Florida 3206
    Or emailed to:
  1. The most important part of any medical work-up is a thorough and detailed history! We have carefully developed a functional medicine questionnaire that will allow us to obtain the most comprehensive and detailed history possible. Like a good CSI agent, uncovering the underlying factors that have caused or are causing your present health problem(s) is essential for getting well.

Click Download button below to access and print your DETAILED online
Functional Medicine questionnaire. Please print, fill it out COMPLETELY, & bring it in 15 minutes early to your scheduled consult.


  1. To better understand Functional Medicine and its wonderful life changing benefits, please make sure to watch the short Dr. Mark Hyman MD at TEDMED 2010 19:10 minute video.
  1. In this initial packet, you are given a 7 DAY FOOD DIET diary to complete and Drop off BEFORE your scheduled Initial Visit, so Dr. Otto has time to review your current Diet in order to help you.
  1. BLOOD WORK: After your initial consultation with Dr. Otto, he will order specific blood work based off your case history and examination. Most people believe it is better to simply get this done by the Medical Doctor. This can be either a costly mistake or result in insufficient data. To see an example of our awesome detailed lab report, click here.

[We highly encourage you to use the discounted Cash Labs from our Clinic vs. doing them on Your Own ? Please refer to Insurance Billing vs. Paying Cash? document.]

  1. If recommended AND you chose to proceed with a Hair Analysis, we will take a hair sample at your initial consultation visit and go over the results with you on your following visit ? your DETAILED Report of Findings.
  1. If recommended AND you chose to proceed with a Urinalysis, this test will be done along with your Blood-work at Labcorp BEFORE your DETAILED Report of Findings visit so that Dr. Otto can review ALL your findings with you at one time.
  1. If recommended AND you chose to proceed with a Saliva Test, please make sure to do this test with the provided kit at home and send it in right away so that Dr. Otto receives the results BEFORE your DETAILED Report of Findings follow up visit.
  1. Our approach to Health is very different from what you have probably every experienced. It is both extensive in scientific research regarding your health and extremely detailed in its processes and results. Therefore, please take time to read and sign the following included documents to better understand us.

1. Nutritional Informed Consent
2. Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information [HIPPA]
3. Precision Natural Medicine Scope of Practice Legal Disclaimer and disclosure
4. Insurance Billing vs. Paying Cash, as well as our Cash Fee Schedule

First Consultation

Once we have all; your initial visit with Dr. Otto will be a 30 minute consultation where he will evaluate your conditions and review: your medical records, your completed 24 page medical questionnaire, and your 7 day diet.

The value for your first consultation is $225.00. However, Dr. Otto is offering a new clinic fee of $75. This is NOT a sale nor reduced fee, rather an entry level fee for his newly opened Functional Medicine Clinic and will remain the regular fee until officially changed. See Dr Otto's qualifications.

Remember, the cost of your first visit not only includes your 30 minutes with Dr. Otto, but more importantly covers the time it will take for the doctor to review your medical records PRIOR to meeting you, if you have gathered this information and brought it in with you..

This medical history will commonly provide significant piece of the puzzle for him to determine what needs to be done to you get well. You will receive a detailed report from the doctor summarizing his findings and letting you know the possible underlying causes/reasons for your health challenge(s) at your follow up visit, the DETAILED Report of Findings.


Your initial visit may consist of physical examination, advanced lab testing, in-house nutritional testing, and possibly other functional medicine diagnostic testing. Fees for the above services will be discussed at your first consultation, and presented to you on our fee sheet prior to rendering services neither financial surprises nor hidden costs at our clinic). Once Dr. Otto has the results of the above testing, he will be able to outline the most effective care plan.

Confirmation and Rescheduling of Appointments

Due to the overwhelming requests for new patient consultations, there is a 7-day cancellation policy, and your appointment must be confirmed at least 7 days prior to your scheduled consultation. You may reschedule your appointment by calling our office. If calling after hours, please leave a message. All missed appointments will be assessed a $15.00 charge. To avoid this charge, please give a documented written excuse [ex. Hospital, police report, school] within 72 hours notice if your emergency prevents you from keeping your appointment.

Insurance Information

We do not accept insurance or Medicare and we cannot assure you that services (office visits, phone consultations or lab tests) will be reimbursed. You will be provided with diagnosis and procedure codes on a "Superbill" document to assist you with possible insurance reimbursement. Please refer to "Insurance Billing vs. Paying Cash" document within this New Patient Packet.

Payment Options Our office accepts:

1. Check/Cash
2. Debit and All Major Credit Cards (except American Express)

I am so excited to guide you along your journey back to Health and Wellness through our detailed Functional Medicine Program and science based Nutrition!


* Certification via Functional Medicine University, not recognized by the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine

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